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The oKyrios School. Offering classes from Orthodox Leaders from around the world.


Our Lavra. The heart of oKyrios. This is our online community, built and led by monks.


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Live streams and an extensive and growing library of exclusively Orthodox Christian videos.

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Our own world class and simple to use video conferencing system. From classes to watch parties!


Rich content from our leaders. The written, video and travel blogs from our community.

No advertisements!
oKyrios is completely free of all forms of advertisements.
No harassing trolls
Our small membership fee keeps most of them out and our moderation takes care of the rest.
No user tracking
Enough said.
No pop-ups or notifications
What brings you to oKyrios is the community and exclusive content, not addictive influences.
No "algorithms" to decide what you see
oKyrios is monitored by our monks, leaders and admin team.


  • Access to the oKyrios Community
  • 20% membership fee donation
  • Participation in groups and classes
  • Our private and secure Orthodox home online
  • Secure chat with video and audio
  • No user tracking
  • Access to groups and forums
  • Member only access to oKyrios EDU


  • Verified Member Status*
  • Full Access to the community
  • Create your own groups and discussion forums
  • 50% donation of membership fee*
  • Full access to oKyrios Meetings
  • Verified Member status
  • Full access to oKyrios Magazine (Blog)
  • Full access to oKyrios AP
Full Access


  • Verified Member Status*
  • Accounts managed by parent
  • 20% donation of membership fee
  • Full access to oKyrios
  • Full access to the oKyrios classroom
  • Great for homeschooling!
  • Access to groups and forums
  • For families and monasteries


  • Create classes in oKyrios
  • Create live broadcasts
  • Create podcasts and blogs
  • Free membership available*
  • Receive up to 50% donation from memberships
  • Host video classes with up to 100 students
  • Clerical Recognition
  • Your own channels on oKyrios AP

Simply said, oKyrios is a funding mechanism for our monasteries and Orthodox ministries. The small membership fee protects our members from “trolls” and each small amount, when combined with many more, becomes an effective way to pay for the work God is doing through Holy Orthodoxy, especially here in the West. 

Yes. oKyrios is built with and by the monks of Saint Demetrios Monastery and our CEO is our Abbott. Most monks have some online presence right now. What we do not have in the West is the influence of our monasteries throughout the country. Part of what oKyrios will bring is access to our monasteries in a safe manner. 

oKyrios is a private and secure online community designed by our monks with the peaceful and prayerful monastic life in mind. Under the direction of his Eminence Metropolitan Jonah, we are building a place that is safe and beneficial for all disciples of Christ, including our monks. 

What is not safe and healthy are the Big Tech platforms. Come join us and experience the difference. 

Like Orthodoxy, oKyrios is open to all. 

Our intention is to create a single safe place to build an online presence for as ministry, leader or member of our clergy.

We can host your website and email in our secure platform. The oKyrios Marketplace is ready to serve as the home to your online store. This main page will soon be the front end for the oKyrios Blog. 

You can host your videos on AP and your podcasts on radio.oKyrios with Orthodox Sentinel Radio. We have built a full learning platform based on the same system used by major universities. You can build content rich classes with video that you can offer to the community or public for a charge or for free. 

We are here to handle all of the technical details for you. We will walk you through the basic steps of setting up your classes, store and learning to use our tools. 

Possibly the most important and compelling program we have for our leaders is our funding system. The purpose of oKyrios is to fund Orthodox monasteries and ministries.  Built into oKyrios membership and marketplace is referral program that directly pays our leaders and ministries 20% of membership fees and 5% of Marketplace sales for all members they refer. 

If you are a leader or are part of a ministry that would like to join oKyrios, please contact us at monks@okyrios.org and we will be happy to set up a meet and show you around and discuss in more detail, oKyrios.

Every part of oKyrios was designed with content creators in mind. From posting videos in 4k on AP, to the capabilities to plug tools like OBS into AP and meet, to the MIXX front end for radio.okyrios. 

If you are a content creator, you are really going to enjoy oKyrios. 

We have designed oKyrios to be a safe and Orthodox place you call home online. 

We can provide for a ministry all of the tools they need for being online, in one place. Secure, privately hosted email, the ministry website, videos, video conference, chat, and yes, a social network we call the Lavra. 

That is a great question. The addictions of social media have very little to do with the concept of a social network. What drives the addiction is not the like button, but the notifications and advertisements that fill screen. 

As oKyrios has neither advertisements nor notifications, it is fair to answer this question as yes, oKyrios can help free your family from the addictions to mobile phones and social media platforms. oKyrios is not simply an alternative to Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, iTunes and Google. It is a new and healthier way of looking at the Internet. 

Actually, no. If you love Facebook and YouTube, those are likely the platforms for you. oKyrios is creating a place for the Holy Tradition of Orthodoxy in cyberspace. A place that is our own, on our servers, running our software and monitored by our monks and clergy. 

Our home should not be in the very place and on the very infrastructure that is the outspoken enemy of the Church. We are not competing with Big Tech. We are simply walking away. 

Most of oKyrios is built on opensource projects. We are not trying to match features with Big Tech. We are trying to do something new. We will not always have the features and some time we will have cool features they do not, but this platform belongs to us and helps to fund our monasteries and other ministries as opposed to private islands and persecution of Christians around the world. 

Big tech is not the competition. They are the enemy.